Nursery Facilities

At Treetops the nursery is divided into two main rooms:

Baby Room (3 m to 2 y):

We have our own specially designated area for our youngest members of the setting, providing a tranquil and unique area for them to settle and develop during their early stages of life. Our baby area is equipped with a vast number of quality toys and provides a multi-sensory environment to give them best start in life. They have their own designated play area and have one member of staff allocated for every three children, enabling close relationships to be formed and vast learning opportunities to be provided. This room provides a bright, stimulating, welcoming environment, in which they can explore, have fun and learn through play. Each child has a key worker who carefully monitors progress and development. Every child will have their own progress folder, which their key worker will complete and parents are welcome to access this to view their child’s development at any time.

Pre-School Room (2 y to 5 y)

When your child is ready to move up to the Preschool room they will benefit from carefully planned early years educational subjects (using the EYFS framework), structured and free play. They will develop social skills, independence and self-esteem and be prepared for the transition into school. We encourage a range of activities including arts and crafts, sand and water, music and dance, IT, reading and of course the popular role-play area. Children are prepared for school, developing literacy and numeracy skills and are given physical education opportunities.

Sensory Room

A sensory room is a special, quiet space with a range of stimulating equipment to help your child with their sensory development. The multisensory room at Treetops has many different features ranging from soft relaxing areas to interactive equipment all specially designed to support your child through the early stages of learning.
During the first years of their life children learn using their sensory motor skills. At Treetops we aim to assist this process through the use of our sensory room.

  • Supports the development of communication
  • Enhances sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and cause and effect response
  • Assists the development of social and emotional skills
  • Reduces tension and increase relaxation
  • Provides fun and enjoyment
  • Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness & general awareness

Outside Play Area:

Our stimulating outdoor area provides numerous opportunities for children to explore. Their learning is enhanced with this well-equipped specially designed area. Outdoor play enables young children to learn about world and environment as also develop their own physical motor skills.

Movement Play Room (to develop)

Treetops find great importance in children’s physical development and coordination. The free-movement room allows each child to participate in activities that each one will develop their own fine and grosses motor skills using a wide range of stimulating resources.