Healthy eating:

Here at Treetops we are fully committed to a healthy eating programme, delivering quality food to all our children. All meals are included in the fees and are specially prepared each day on the premises by our on-site chef using the highest quality fresh ingredients. Children are provided with three meals plus a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and have water available throughout the day. We cater for all dietary needs and vegetarian options.

Please see below an example of a weekly menu

  Breakfast Lunch Tea Snacks
Monday Toast, cereals, milk and fruit Vegetable stew with couscous
Cake & custard / fresh fruit
Baked potato with cheese Fresh fruit / vegetables
Tuesday Toast, cereals, milk and fruit Pasta with mushrooms and courgettes
Yogurt / fresh fruit
Tomato and spinach Pizza Fresh fruit / vegetables
Wednesday Toast, cereals, milk and fruit Cauliflower Cheese with mashed potato
Semolina pudding / fresh fruit
Beans on toast Fresh fruit / vegetables
Thursday Toast, cereals, milk and fruit Chicken casserole with green beans
Fresh fruit
Winter vegetable soup Fresh fruit / vegetables
Friday Toast, cereals, milk and fruit Fisherman’s pie and sweet corn
Stewed Apple
Cheese sandwiches Fresh fruit / vegetables